Why IT Matters

Why does anything we do matter? What can we do to increase our impact, change our perspective, and make a difference in our worlds? Why IT Matters is a series of conversations hosted by Tracy Kronzak and Tim Lockie of Now IT Matters, about change, especially as experienced by nonprofits, technology experts, and the worlds that are served by the impact economy. What are we willing to do to change the course of our work, and who are the leaders, executives, and everyday heroes offering ideas and actions? We invite you to listen to conversations that begin with nonprofit technologists and continue to encompass philanthropy, faith, business leadership, and systemic racism. This podcast is about not being defined, and our conversations evolve and grow, accordingly.
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Meena Das, Founder, Consultant & Facilitator, NamasteData

Billy Bicket, Principal Nicely Goods

Joshua Peskay & Kim Snyder, RoundTable Technology

Aimee Cubbage, Founder & Principal, Cubbage Consulting

Michelle Paul, VP Growth Strategy, BackOffice Thinking

Tim Lockie & Tracy Kronzak, Why IT Matters

Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer, GivingTuesday

Tina Roh, Co-Founder & COO, Every.org

Tim Lockie & Tracy Kronzak, Co-Founders, Why IT Matters

Tim Lockie & Tracy Kronzak, Co-Founders, Why IT Matters

Becky Endicott & Jon McCoy, We Are For Good

Justin Edelstein, Co-Founder, Arkus

Tim Lockie & Tracy Kronzak, Co-Founders, Why IT Matters

Alesia Dvorkina, Founder & Salesforce Delivery Specialist, Hmara Solutions

Mallory Erickson, CEO & Founder, Power Partners Formula™

The Future of CRM for Nonprofits Why IT Matters

Christine Priester, Consultant, Heller Consulting

Makeda Keegan, Chair of the Board, and Executive Director, Amplify

Ryan Ozimek, Co-Founder, PICnet and Soapbox Engage

Mitch Stein, Co-Founder & CEO, Pond

Liz Moore, Executive Director, Montana Nonprofit Association

Cheryl Porro, Chief Technology Officer, Curve Health

Rakia Finley, Founding Partner, Copper & Vine Studio, Co.

Sam Caplan, Vice President of Social Impact, Submittable

Cheryl Contee, Chief Innovation Officer, The Impact Seat

Adam Rosenzweig, Senior Manager of Product Impact, Okta

Jan Kaderly, Founder, A Line Strategy

Tim Sarrantonio, Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Neon One

Tim Lockie, CEO | Founder | Janitor, Now IT Matters

Tracy Kronzak, Director of Innovation, Now IT Matters

Marnie Webb, Chief Community Impact Officer, TechSoup

It Starts With a List with Sam Fankuchen, Founder & CEO, Golden

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Am I Still Good? with Doyin Richards, Founder, Anti-Racism Fight Club

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Things We Can No Longer Ignore with Tiffany Spencer, COO Esor Consulting Group, Founder HBCUforce

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A Revolution in Small Steps with Rubin Singh, Founder & CEO, OneTenth Consulting

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Disrupting with Love with Chantal Forster, Executive Director, Technology Association of Grantmakers

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Black in Tech with Darrell Booker, Corporate Affairs Specialist, Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

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Creating Data, Trust, and Collaboration for Nonprofits with Leon Wilson, Chief of Digital Innovation and CIO, The Cleveland Foundation

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There’s Something Happening Here with Christina Herancourt, Founder and President, MISSION CRM

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Creating the New Norms with Kate Ruff, Assistant Professor, Carleton University & Lead, Common Approach to Impact Management

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A Threshold Moment with Dan Lammot, Founder and CEO, Threshold.world

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Standing with Our Feet in Two Worlds with Amy Sample Ward, CEO, NTEN.org

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Nothing About Us, Without Us with Kevin Bromer, Executive Director, Head of Data & Technology Strategy, Ballmer Group

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Where We Can Lean In More with Darrell Booker, Corporate Affairs Specialist, Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

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Technology, Ability, and Impact with Laura Tovar, Development Director, Deaf Action Center

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What Solves the Hard Things with Lori Freeman, Vice President, Nonprofit Industry Solutions, Salesforce.org

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Oracle Netsuite and the Common Data Model with Kate Daniels, Social Impact Partnerships Director, Oracle/Netsuite

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The Nonprofit Common Data Model with Erik Arnold, CTO of Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

Dreamforce 2020 – Technology, Change, Faith, and Impact with Sara Llanes, Senior Manager Management Information Systems at World Vision USA

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Dreamforce 2020 – Salesforce and Organizational Change with Jessica Hauser, Executive Director, DBG Detroit

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