Strategic Advising

Now IT Matters is a tech strategy consultancy with a proprietary process that uncovers the real reasons organizations fail to use tech effectively. We’re all about technology for good – We’ve become multi-lingual experts fluent with numerous platforms because the world needs “and” not “or” solutions. We embrace this complexity so we can better prioritize the context of your human needs with technology requirements. In every partnership, we seek to harmonize strengths with tradeoffs and environments where multiple tools serve your interests best. We care because when technology fails, it fails your people: those in your organization and those you are striving to serve.


Sometimes all you need is an expert on your side and we got you covered. Our 1-hour Zoom consultations give you a safe space, chock-full of privacy, and straightforward conversation that solves the problems holding you back.


You don’t know what you don’t know, leaving you unprepared for challenges that you are responsible for. And many times the hardest questions are the ones that don’t fit into just one box and may have significant unintended downstream implications. Whether it’s a hard call that you need to make but can’t talk through with your team, a team dynamic that is creating longer-term issues, or quick advising on a technical hire or solution, our experienced (and extremely opinionated) experts will help and guide you through those difficult situations.


Decades of experience at the intersections of social impact have made us experts in organizational systems as applied to technology, management, and strategy. We are here to provide safe space conversations for tough calls, a sounding board, counsel, and most importantly, expert opinion.