Why IT Matters: Find the Light with Rakia Finley

In This Episode

What happens when we wake up every day knowing that we are intentionally here and love solving problems more than anything? Tim Lockie and Tracy Kronzak are joined by guest Rakia Finley, Founding Partner at Copper & Vine Studio, Co for Why IT Matters: Find the Light. You’re probably like Rakia, a successful entrepreneur and advocate for taking on tough challenges, discussions, and circumstances head-on.  The other title for this episode could be “Comfortable in Our Own Soul,” because Rakia digs deep on both her personal and professional journey and how these have enabled her to find win-win opportunities in her work.  Rakia has also created a restoration and executive leadership retreat called By Grace to help entrepreneurs rest, recenter, reconnect, and (re)find their intentionality.  We also talk about the lack of accountability structures that permit racism and other biases to continue to perpetuate in the corporate world and paths forward that begin with transforming anger, playing on teams, and creating actionable space for new leaders.

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