Why IT Matters: Nothing About Us, Without Us with Kevin Bromer

When we think about what serves nonprofits, those of us with roots in technology think “technology-first.” Our guest, Kevin Bromer from Ballmer Group, walks us through the strategy that connects technology to root-cause interventions with nonprofits. Kevin is the head of technology and data strategy working to bring Ballmer Group’s mission of economic mobility for children and families to reality. He also shares a long history of leadership within the nonprofit technology and Salesforce.org ecosystems.

This conversation touches on a lot of heady topics, including:

  • The fundamentals of access to technology
  • Calling out when we are the beneficiary of privilege in our own world that has advanced our perspectives on what technology can solve for
  • A deep dive into the Digital Divide
  • Creating trust in communities investing in technology
  • The prioritization process for grantmaking and supporting nonprofits using technology.

There’s also a discussion about birdfeeders, and whether or not birds and squirrels are metaphors, for anything, really.

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