Why IT Matters: Best in Class with Tim Sarrantonio

In This Episode

We talked with Tim Sarrantonio, a veteran business partnership, and nonprofit leader, about how cloud software best serves nonprofits. Tim is Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Neon One. We dig into the concept of what CRM for nonprofits means and what its future looks like – SPOILERS: There is no CRM, but there are many identities, sources of truth, and responsibilities where vendors serving nonprofits have to facilitate data transit and analytics.  If vendors serving nonprofits have a greater responsibility for collaboration, regardless of whether or not they are competitors, then nonprofits themselves also have greater responsibility for their technological agility.  We also discuss recent philanthropic trends towards technology and the organizations and processes that support better nonprofit adoption of technology for the long haul, rather than for the sake of accomplishing a single technology-related goal.  This conversation is especially relevant to nonprofit leadership teams, application vendors and platforms serving nonprofits, and nonprofit technology staff – enjoy the benefit of Tim’s years of experience (and literally, one of the most pop-culture-Nerd-filled recordings we’ve done in a long time)!

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