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    Weird Al, Seinfeld, Partnershipping, and Transactionalism

    WATCH THIS EPISODE  LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE  OVERVIEW This episode is as much a Coda to some of the discussions we’ve been having throughout 2022. It is perhaps an opportunity to change the narrative and set a new course for how we engage with the impact economy as businesses and technology leaders. We…

    October 20, 2022
    The Right Way to Budget For Your Next CRM Implementation

    When it comes to purchasing CRM technology, does your organization put the proverbial cart before the horse? All too often, organizations don’t consider the bigger picture when they search for their next CRM. That is, they don’t realize their technology purchasing decisions should support their objectives. Instead, they feel constrained by a budget even though…

    January 12, 2021
    Nonprofits, You’re Solving the Wrong Problem (Hint: It’s Not the Technology)

    If there is one thing you’ve learned working in the nonprofit sector, it’s that managing new technology brings disruption –and sometimes frustration. Full workdays quickly become overloaded with additional meetings, training, and testing. The hope for positive change sours if the so-called solution doesn’t live up to expectations. Even worse is when the problem at…

    January 05, 2021