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    Why IT Matters: Am I Still Good? with Doyin Richards

    Doyin Richards is the founder of the Anti-Racism Fight Club, and a leader in bringing discussions about racial equity to the forefront. We cover a lot of ground in this discussion, which is candid, revealing, and substantially educational.  Talking about race is never easy, harder still when we lack the words and concepts, and harder…

    July 21, 2021
    Why IT Matters: Things We Can No Longer Ignore with Tiffany Spencer

    This is a conversation about leapfrogging the past to make a better future.  Our guest, Tiffany Spencer, founder of HBCUforce and COO of Esor Consulting, talks about the necessity of both providing skills and a path towards applying them in order to achieve greater equity in technology. HBCUforce, in specific, works with Salesforce implementation partners,…

    July 15, 2021
    Why IT Matters: A Revolution in Small Steps with Rubin Singh

    “I’m a serial volunteer,” says our guest, Rubin Singh Founder and CEO of OneTenth Consulting.  This describes how many of us get involved in nonprofits, either as staff or businesses serving them and through this lens we talk about many things that cover how to both be an entrepreneur and supporter of equity in our…

    July 07, 2021