Why IT Matters: Cowardice is Our Strength with Jan Kaderly

In This Episode

Tim Lockie and Tracy Kronzak are joined by guest Jan Kaderly, Founder of A Line Strategy. Cowardice is Our Strength is a conversation about embracing everything we’re afraid of – from elephants in the room to Sacred Cows. Nonprofit leadership is equal parts planning for what is known and welcoming what we don’t. When we fail through weakness and fear, Jan talks about how there is an incredible opportunity to develop active evaluations of our mission and goals. Fear isn’t just the mind-killer; it holds us back from actual accomplishments when nonprofits adopt change. Jan’s methodology goes through the diagnosis, analysis, and treatment of when nonprofits get stuck in fear. She shares her wisdom of working with organizations to unlock future potential when they take on their cowardice through self-awareness and make it a strength. This episode is an excellent unpicking of organizational politics, culture, and sincere leading for change that humanizes our potential. For human resource leaders, nonprofit executives, and service businesses that work with nonprofits.

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