Why IT Matters: A Threshold Moment with Dan Lammot

What are the changes necessary to put nonprofit constituents at the center of the technology serving them, rather than simply sales models to nonprofits as an industry? Our conversation with Dan Lammot, Co-Founder and CEO of Threshold.World covers not only where we’ve been as an industry, but where we can aspire to be serving nonprofits.

Topics include:

* The ESGs (Environmental, Social, Governmental) metrics that are driving measuring corporate profit and goals towards alignment with the impact economy, globally.

* The origin story of the Nonprofit Common Data Model #NCDM #NonprofitCDM

* The transitions of culture, measurement, and understanding new definitions of “profit,” that all businesses can make to focus on serving nonprofits better

* The launch of b.world, a new product that helps nonprofit staff working directly with constituents to better capture their stories towards organizational mission and project outcomes.

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