Why IT Matters: Hung Up On Impact with Sam Caplan

In This Episode

In this episode, Why IT Matters is joined by guest Sam Caplan, Vice President of Social Impact at Submittable. So much of nonprofit technology is how we as an industry, philanthropy, and applications respond to it. The past 18 months and global pandemic have called forth the need to unpick power dynamics, privilege, and ownership of destiny for the impact economy. This conversation begins with trust-based philanthropy and continues to take a step back to how we can create better transparency and more robust nonprofit technology infrastructures. The way forward is through philanthropy, better cooperation between technology platforms and applications serving nonprofits, and stronger ties between nonprofits creating a unified voice that makes requests of both philanthropy and technology. Ultimately, we can facilitate community, cooperation, collaboration and center on values rooted in cooperate responsibility that can help break through perceived logjams and territorial actors.

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