OUR Why IT Matters with Tim Lockie

In This Episode

This month is the 1 Year Anniversary of Why IT Matters, which has, frankly, stunned Tim and Tracy.  After twenty guests and amazing conversations with industry experts, thought leaders, anti-racists, and do-gooders, we (meaning, Tim) decided to take it home to our own “Why IT Matters.”  We asked each other the same questions: What were three defining moments in your life? If you weren’t where you are today, where would you be? Are there any do-overs that you would take, and what are they? (Spoiler: No), and our Lightning Round of rapid-fire Q&A.  This is who we are, covering the moments and topics that drive our conversations, insights, desire to create in the world, and why we do what we do – we offer these conversations with humility and a bit of trepidation.

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