Digital Capacity Guidance℠

Now IT Matters is a tech strategy consultancy with a proprietary process that uncovers the real reasons organizations fail to use tech effectively. We’re all about technology for good – We’ve become multi-lingual experts fluent with numerous platforms because the world needs “and” not “or” solutions. We embrace this complexity so we can better prioritize the context of your human needs with technology requirements. In every partnership, we seek to harmonize strengths with tradeoffs and environments where multiple tools serve your interests best. We care because when technology fails, it fails your people: those in your organization and those you strive to serve.

Digital Capacity Guidance℠ Overview

Any organization can change its digital future, but not all of them can do it independently. That’s why we created Digital Capacity Guidance℠. It’s our theory of change that increases your organization’s capacity for growth, develops your teams’ technical habits for the long run, and implements your strategic vision. Humans take time to change, so we deliver transformation at a pace your team can absorb and take with you.

The Problem

You are feeling stuck – you have the tools, you invested in a database, your staff is using all the available technology, but somehow your reports are still a trash fire! You don’t trust the data, you don’t have the high-level reporting you were promised, and you are spending more time managing your staff, process, and data than you would like to. Even worse, there is misalignment among departments; no one really knows how the tools benefit each team, you have lost touch with all the features, and you know what you need but don’t know how to get there.

Our Process is Broken up into 3 Easy Phases

With weekly meetings over a few months, we help you make your technology more functional and streamlined; we help your staff see their complaints as a sign of hope and get your data to tell the truth. Think life coach but for your organization and its technology.

Phase 1: Diagnose Digital Health

  • Our Digital Capacity Diagnostic identifies the 6 vital signs of your digital health, including if your tech is right-sized for your organization.
  • Our Assessment is a service that uses our Digital Capacity Diagnostic to identify your current state and provide a report, recommendation, and roadmap for the next steps.
  • The roadmap we prepare for you outlines recommendations around how to accomplish a balanced system.

Phase 2: Develop Human Capacity

  • Transformation begins with your team in the current system.
  • With only one weekly meeting, we teach your team how to make small but impactful changes.
  • Your team converts system frustrations (complaints) into actionable lists, which are tracked and followed up.
  • Reverse the trend of data that doesn’t tell the truth.

Phase 3: Build Digital Infrastructure

  • Assist or lead platform and vendor selection (if needed).
  • Build or remodel your right-sized technology for your organization (we usually size up to future-proof your system).
  • Configure the integrations needed to provide meaningful information and insight.
  • Develop the technology capacity of your team to maintain and sustain systems.
  • Provide oversight with vendors overseeing roadmaps and ensuring efficiency.

Benefits: What’s in it for me?

  • We empower you and your team to maintain lasting change using our methodologies and tools long after Now IT Matters has left the room.
  • Our process shifts mindsets for organizational success by benchmarking capacity and expanding it through Digital Capacity Diagnostics, feedback loops, and deep guidance.
  • Confidence that the system will get better over time and there are tools in place to address future breakdowns
  • Working with hundreds of organizations has taught us that humans have an incredible capacity for change, but not at the speed of technology. That’s why our process is designed for enduring change over a year partnership where you learn the tools and the language to continue to navigate the technology ecosystem.

If Digital Capacity Guidance℠ is what you’ve been looking for, let’s talk about what it would look like to get started.

Swords to Plowshares
We are grateful to the Now IT Matters team. With their guidance, we were able to better define our objectives and our team was empowered with the knowledge to effectively handle our work within the project. We would not have gotten to our improved state without their help.”