Why IT Matters: A New Civil Society with Marnie Webb

In This Episode

We’re back from a brief summer break with an intense, provocative, and inspiring conversation with Marnie Webb, Chief Community Impact Officer at TechSoup.  There’s an incredible amount of opportunity to re-imagine what technology, as applied to civil society, can look like, and we cover some of the critical gaps in how our understanding of what constitutes “nonprofits” limits our ability to create durable change in the world.  In explicit, by changing the frameworks in which technology is capable of being granted to change-making organizations, we can create a much more inclusive and extensible impact. Re-defining our understanding of the long-term outcomes of technology in civil society, and most importantly, what criteria we use to enable organizations with technology in the first place – especially organizations that detract from liberties, rights, and democracy – is the hard conversation that, according to Marnie, “we have to run towards.”

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