What We Do

We transform underperforming CRM systems and the teams that run them.

Does this sound familiar? A system was implemented, discovery discovered, documents documented, processes processed, trainers trained, data migrated, and sign-offs signed. But the issues are back. Little things are everywhere: reports are missing information, a checkbox is throwing off donation totals, some supporters didn’t receive their receipt, the list goes on and adds up, but there isn’t time to get at them. The board is starting to ask questions about the budget which was gone long ago and confidence in the system is suffering as staff go back to using their own spreadsheets. Somehow, legacy problems were migrated to the new system and things are back to where they started.

Now IT Matters has been configuring nonprofit CRM systems for over 10 years, and in that time we’ve seen the power of platforms. We have literally traveled the world speaking about Salesforce, we have started local technology groups, and we have contributed to thought leadership around technology. But somewhere along the way we began to see that there is a “platform savior complex” – a belief that the perfect CRM will solve everything. We’re not buying that single option anymore. Don’t get us wrong, some platforms are better than others for organizations, but we’ve found in our decades of work in the social impact sector that technology doesn’t fail alone – people and process are crucial parts of the success (or failure) of technical implementations; technology issues are often masking organizational patterns that will not be solved by changing platforms.

Too often underperforming nonprofit CRM systems are blamed on platforms. And with little experience in technology, it’s hard for nonprofit and social impact organizations to know what to do next. The typical recommendation is to switch from <CURRENT PLATFORM NAME: Salesforce, Blackbaud, Donor Perfect, Microsoft> to another <OTHER PLATFORM NAME: Salesforce, Blackbaud, Donor Perfect, Microsoft>.

It’s like this, if you don’t see results at the gym, do you switch gyms, or get a trainer who helps change your behavior at the gym? We’re the trainer option. Yes, we’re technology and platform experts, but, even more, we believe that the power of technology only works when teams use it well. So we focus on your behavior with technology, and if needed, we’ll help you switch platforms, but not before addressing the behavior issues that currently exist.

We do this as a process with additional add on services if needed. An Assessment is your starting point. It takes about two weeks answers high level questions and provides a roadmap identifying vision and key steps required to transform their system.

For those that need help through the roadmap, we offer Digital Guidance℠, guiding your team through a prescriptive process that empowers them over the course of 12 months. If, along the way, the need for Support or a project Build become apparent, we provide those individualized services to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Ready for a high-performing system your team is actually using? Call us today for an assessment, and let the experts at Now IT Matters help you get there.


Our team works with your team on or off site to establish where you are, where you're going, and what you need to get there.
Digital Guidance℠
Digital Guidance is a prescriptive framework that helps nonprofits be successful with their CRM. We help implement change at the human level before managing the technology. This proven approach ensures nonprofits are ready to adopt and take advantage of their CRM technology from platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft.
We offer a range of Build options including enhancing standard features, customizing your platform to match your business processes, integrating third-party tools with your existing platform, and more.
We offer support as an add on for Digital Guidance℠ clients that need additional capacity or technical expertise.