What We Do

We provide insight, resources, and services for the digital capacity transformation of social impact organizations.

Our Process is Broken up into 3 Easy Phases

We provide immediate relief to organizations that know they need to transform their digital capacity but don’t know what that means, how to do that, or where to start. We do this through our proprietary transformation methodology: Digital Capacity Guidance℠

Phase 1: Diagnose Digital Health

  • Our Digital Capacity Diagnostic identifies the 6 vital signs of your digital health, including if your tech is right-sized for your organization.
  • Our Assessment is a service that uses our Digital Capacity Diagnostic to identify your current state and provide a report, recommendation, and roadmap for the next steps.
  • The roadmap we prepare for you outlines recommendations around how to accomplish a balanced system.

Phase 2: Develop Human Capacity

  • Transformation begins with your team in the current system.
  • With only one weekly meeting, we teach your team how to make small but impactful changes.
  • Your team converts system frustrations (complaints) into actionable lists, which are tracked and followed up.
  • Reverse the trend of data that doesn’t tell the truth.

Phase 3: Build Digital Infrastructure

  • Assist or lead platform and vendor selection (if needed).
  • Build or remodel your right-sized technology for your organization (we usually size up to future-proof your system).
  • Configure the integrations needed to provide meaningful information and insight.
  • Develop the technology capacity of your team to maintain and sustain systems.
  • Provide oversight with vendors overseeing roadmaps and ensuring efficiency.

Other Services

  • Strategic Advising  – Our team of subject matter experts is a valuable addition for clients who find themselves needing additional high-level strategic guidance, whether as a matter of outside insight for long-term planning or specific issue challenges.
  • Support – When clients find themselves unable to have an admin or IT person with the capacity, time, or understanding to make a technical change, we are happy to provide add-on support to help them accomplish a goal. This sometimes arises as a response to a request surfaced through our process.
We evaluate your capacity for transformation so you know where you stand, where you’re going, how to get there, and your initial steps.
Digital Capacity Guidance℠
Digital Capacity Guidance℠ is a proprietary transformation methodology that helps nonprofits be successful with their digital tools. We help implement change at the human level before managing the technology. This proven approach ensures nonprofits are ready to adopt and take advantage of their CRM technology.