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    Why IT Matters: A New Civil Society with Marnie Webb

    In This Episode We’re back from a brief summer break with an intense, provocative, and inspiring conversation with Marnie Webb, Chief Community Impact Officer at TechSoup.  There’s an incredible amount of opportunity to re-imagine what technology, as applied to civil society, can look like, and we cover some of the critical gaps in how our…

    September 15, 2021
    Why IT Matters: It Starts With a List with Sam Fankuchen

    In This Episode We started this discussion with Sam Fankuchen talking about what it means to serve nonprofits with software. It rapidly became an engaging analysis of nonprofits’ models to accomplish work, solicit volunteers, and solve problems.  Sam is the founder of Golden volunteer platform. In this episode of Why IT Matters: It Starts With…

    August 11, 2021
    Why IT Matters: Am I Still Good? with Doyin Richards

    Doyin Richards is the founder of the Anti-Racism Fight Club, and a leader in bringing discussions about racial equity to the forefront. We cover a lot of ground in this discussion, which is candid, revealing, and substantially educational.  Talking about race is never easy, harder still when we lack the words and concepts, and harder…

    July 21, 2021