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    Why IT Matters: For Good with Adam Rosenzweig

    In This Episode What does it mean when a business has something that can unlock time for good and chooses to act charitably towards nonprofits above and beyond a technology donation? Adam Rosenzweig from Okta for Good walks us through Okta’s nonprofit product and ecosystem support structure, including acting as a risk capital investor in…

    October 20, 2021
    Why IT Matters: Cowardice is Our Strength with Jan Kaderly

    In This Episode Tim Lockie and Tracy Kronzak are joined by guest Jan Kaderly, Founder of A Line Strategy. Cowardice is Our Strength is a conversation about embracing everything we’re afraid of – from elephants in the room to Sacred Cows. Nonprofit leadership is equal parts planning for what is known and welcoming what we…

    October 13, 2021
    Why IT Matters: Best in Class with Tim Sarrantonio

    In This Episode We talked with Tim Sarrantonio, a veteran business partnership, and nonprofit leader, about how cloud software best serves nonprofits. Tim is Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Neon One. We dig into the concept of what CRM for nonprofits means and what its future looks like – SPOILERS: There is no…

    October 05, 2021