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The world needs more good. We help you do more good... better.

For over a decade, our consultants at Now IT Matters have delved deep to understand and serve nonprofit leaders who need more than they’re getting from their information platforms. But we were thinking critically about nonprofits long before that because our staff are former nonprofit practitioners. We worked the long hours, shared meals with friends experiencing homelessness, experienced vibrant resourceful communities in developing economies, and experienced the frustration of technology limitations. Our first-hand experience in nonprofits allows us to be the consultants we wish we had and to guide with empathy.

We know nonprofits because we’ve worked with groups of every size, serving every walk of life. We also know this ecosystem is growing at breakneck speed. To build on the momentum and smartly manage growth, organizations need a context-specific strategy that integrates impact metrics and funder data, while honoring the journey of all its participants. Moreover, nonprofit leaders need experts who will guide and empower them to make better decisions.

Our mission is to stay attuned to what’s happening in technology and in the world—which means traversing 250,000 miles across the world, attending and speaking at dozens of events, and creating meaningful relationships with our global partners. We’ve earned our reputation for helping organizations effect lasting change, and our approach is wholly different from other providers. That’s the reason our clients experience better outcomes, powered by accurate data and information, engaged staff, and relevant useful processes.

When you’re ready, we’re ready to help you harness the power of information and get back to the business of changing the world.


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