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We’re a social impact tech consultancy, but we really like to think of ourselves as one of the “Stewards of the Ecosystem,” having been around the multiverse a time or two in our decades of work in the social impact space.

It’s true, we’ve created a proprietary transformation methodology, Digital Guidance® recognized as a true service innovation by major platforms. This innovation is a transformation methodology focused on small actions of humans: motivation, mindset, behavior. We turn these small steps into powerful transformational change for your team and increase your capacity to use technology to achieve your organization’s mission of impact.

We’re all about technology for good – and these days there’s certainly a lot of it out there. We’ve become multi-lingual experts fluent with numerous platforms because the world needs “and” not “or” solutions. We embrace this complexity so we can better prioritize the context of your human needs with technology requirements. In every partnership, we seek to harmonize strengths with tradeoffs and environments where multiple tools serve your interests best, all the while paying attention to your skill and resource capacity.

Oh, one last thing – you’ll find the nature of our work together different beyond the process. Sure, our team is geeky about tech, but we’re not just tech geeks. We’re also a band of multi-disciplinary artists, architects, economists, humanists, and social impact professionals who understand the underlying economics of your work as a nonprofit. We’re strategic in our advice and compassionate in our approach, we deeply understand tech and its ability to supercharge your efforts (but we don’t use buzz words like supercharge). We think contextually following best practices but recognize that sometimes narrow confines can hinder the creativity required to move your organization forward. Bottom line: We want nothing more than for you and your impact to succeed.


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