Why IT Matters: For Good with Adam Rosenzweig

In This Episode

What does it mean when a business has something that can unlock time for good and chooses to act charitably towards nonprofits above and beyond a technology donation? Adam Rosenzweig from Okta for Good walks us through Okta’s nonprofit product and ecosystem support structure, including acting as a risk capital investor in nonprofit technology infrastructure and talks about the transparency necessary for businesses that serve nonprofits.  We also talk about funding for technology infrastructure for nonprofits and the new requirements for donors, philanthropy, and companies giving to them. Adam introduces the concepts of philanthropy as a service and subscription philanthropy as new solutions.  Nonprofits using technology with maximum efficiency require vulnerability, understanding the myths of what technology purports to solve, and willingness to bridge generational divides within organizations.   Adam also is the only respondent to go on record in response to our Six Questions challenge for businesses serving nonprofits.

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