Why IT Matters: The Book I Wish I Had with Cheryl Contee

In This Episode

The other title for this episode was going to be “Love is What Gives Us Hope,” but you’ll need to listen all the way through to know why.  Tune in with Cheryl Contee, both a visionary futurist and pragmatic, highly-successful business owner and entrepreneur.  We dig back into the systemic forces that drive investment in technology and how they shape outcomes that have real consequences for equity of all kinds.  Rather than run away from what we call “The System” and allow the people and forces who have perennially benefited from retaining their power and privilege, we walk through how to completely eradicate “meritocracy” in favor of inclusion and the corporate and cultural structures that need revision.  We also talk about Chery’s book, “The Mechanical Bull,” and her successes, journey, and lessons from building businesses – this is a must-learn for underrepresented application developers and business owners.

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