Why IT Matters: The Future of CRM for Nonprofits Webinar






SPECIAL RELEASE WEBINAR: Industry executives and leaders got together for a groundbreaking discussion on how the definition of CRM is changing for nonprofits, and how the current landscape of tools and strategies available to nonprofits is rising to meet new opportunities and expectations. Why IT Matters brought together a panel to reframe the common understanding of CRM as a single tool investment and challenged assumptions regarding what is possible with today’s purpose-built and highly-integrated cloud technologies, especially alongside cloud infrastructure platforms. The panel also talked about how data platforms and technologies serving nonprofits can work together better and drive shared impact and efficiency for the benefit of all organizations.

Here’s what was covered:

  1. What is the new definition CRM and why does it matter to nonprofits and the impact economy?
  2. In a future of non-platform solutions what does this look like for everyday nonprofit staff? What does this mean for CRM Business structures, and what does it mean for business partnerships?
  3. How is your company building toward this future, what are the strategy and technology components? What are you doing differently?
  4. What does customer success look like? What does customer failure look like? How do we identify and prevent unneeded technology implementations?
  5. What’s the impact of emerging global technology innovation? How connected is global (and corporate) innovation trends spur nonprofit innovation trends? What roles and actions should nonprofits take to own the innovation of the technology designed for them?
  6. How do we ensure ownership of nonprofit data and its portability in our work?
  7. How do we elevate POC and women-owned businesses that are emerging and looking for business partners and opportunities?


Gabe Cooper, CEO Virtuous
Julia Ford, Director of Nonprofits HubSpot
Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand NeonOne
Tim Lockie, CEO Why IT Matters
Tracy Kronzak, Director of Innovation Why IT Matters


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