Why IT Matters: Standing with Our Feet in Two Worlds with Amy Sample Ward

This is a conversation that challenges the listener’s norms, assumptions, and ideals about what “technology for good” should look like, right from the start. We’re incredibly grateful for an hour with Amy Sample Ward, CEO of NTEN, and raising the bar on expectations that nonprofits as an ecosystem should have from technology, and from themselves. Looking at how the systems of power, privilege, and capitalism engage with nonprofits, globally, how do we solve for making technology equitable, just, and accessible?

Topics include:

* The technology industry responses to Covid-19 and the 2020 racial justice movement

* The persistent trope of nonprofits as hapless victims to technology and passive recipients of charitable donation

* Capitalism and white supremacy

* Equity and nonprofit technology, including the NTEN Equity Guide for Nonprofits

* The Nonprofit Common Data Model #NCDM #NonprofitCDM

* Creating a world of nonprofit innovation and self-determination in data and technology

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