Success Stories

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JLI Consulting
I really appreciated how accessible the team was. They were patient, answered my many questions, and were willing to address and tweak items throughout the project.”
Primary Care Progress
The assessment offered us feedback and recommendations around not only our technology structure but also our business process. After completing the assessment with Now IT Matters, it was very clear to us that they heard us and understood where we are now, what we need, and were able to make sense of the information we offered them. The recommendations they gave us around things that we could do now, and things that we should consider including in our project build make a lot of sense. I love the suggestions offered for cleanup and customization to increase user adoption.”
Swords to Plowshares 2
It was quickly evident that the NIM team was highly proficient in both Salesforce and nonprofit use of it. In fact, they better understood some of our needs than we did. They suggested tools like Apsona to help with data management and trained us on its use. We worked with the team to revise our model and processes and we would not have gotten to our improved state without their help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a Salesforce consultant. If you do, make it happen – you won’t be disappointed.”
Deaf Action Center
When I first started my journey here as the Executive Director of Deaf Action Center in March of 2014, it was clear to me that nothing less than superhuman powers could address the chronic and pervasive problems that our agency and our community was facing each and every day. Unfortunately, my cape was only so long and my powers less than superhuman. In order to streamline our organization and more efficiently serve our deaf and hard of hearing clientele, I asked NIM and your team to give us a hand, and wow, did you all deliver!”


Primary Care Progress Primary Care Progress
Improving IT systems begins by understanding the full scope of issues plaguing a non-profit organization. This describes how NIM worked with a client for an audit of their system.
Swords to Plowshares
We are grateful to the Now IT Matters team. With their guidance, we were able to better define our objectives and our team was empowered with the knowledge to effectively handle our work within the project. We would not have gotten to our improved state without their help.”
Montana Conservation Corps
We continue to work with Now IT Matters because they understand our program, our agency, and our needs. They go beyond software usage and help us with management and engagement.”