How Awareness and Confidence Helped Nonprofit Health Advocates Boost Marketing Efforts

There’s no place for timidity or uncertainty in an organization tasked with mobilizing health leaders around a unified vision for team-based care. The professionals at Primary Care Progress must forge pathways for individuals and teams to succeed in today’s challenging healthcare environment—an effort that requires streamlined data and information systems that consistently fire on all cylinders.

Uncovering Deep-Seated Program Management System Issues

That’s why, when PCP leadership began noticing issues with their business process and program management systems—further realizing there were likely even more problems outside the scope of their awareness—they knew they needed expert help.

Shortly after the Now IT Matters team arrived on the scene, the overarching problem became clear: PCP lacked the organizational governance and leadership necessary to evaluate and choose from the wide variety of available tools and applications for effective program management. In other words, they needed a confidence boost so they could start making better decisions for managing their data and information systems.

First Step to Optimization: Assess the Situation

With the critical first step of Assessment underway, our experts began surveying PCP’s teams and gathering feedback from everyone involved to find out what was working and what wasn’t working in the program management process. At the same time, we took an in-depth technical tour of their system settings to determine what optimization should look like. After pinpointing a number of viable tools, we scheduled demos and guided the process of evaluating each app, narrowing down the list until we were certain we understood which marketplace tools would bring the most benefit to the PCP team.

Once we were satisfied with our understanding of both their system shortcomings and potential, we presented comprehensive documentation of our findings, along with a project roadmap for system repair, necessary integrations and customizations, and a recommendation for next-step Guidance from the Now IT Matters team.

Moving Forward with a Clear Roadmap for Success

Equipped with a jointly-created plan that everyone in the organization could get behind, Primary Care Progress moved on to tackle the issue at the heart of the challenges that had been plaguing their systems. As a team, they were able to reach consensus for app integration, and subsequently chose to have the Now IT Matters team remain on board to help PCP further navigate the roadmap and reach its goals for marketing platform customization and performance improvement.