Why IT Matters: Technology, Ability, and Impact with Laura Tovar

Our first “Why IT Matters” recording of 2021 covers the small and large ways decisions made about access, priority, and need in technology have direct effect on the perception, engagement, and participation of others.  Our guest, Laura Tovar, Development Director at the Deaf Action Center relates her experience as an American Sign Language interpreter and her career growth to the issues our country is facing: justice, racism, and where and how the truth of matters is conveyed. 

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This is a first for us, in that the entire recording is simultaneously being broadcast in ASL. In many respects, this frames the entire conversation. There are ways in which the technology we use, and the ability for nonprofits to conduct work, frame our assumptions about needs in our world and who is considered part of it.  There are opportunities to do much more in service to the Deaf Community with technology, and by extension, to create a more equitable world.  This incredibly compelling discussion sets the stage, coincidentally, for our forthcoming recording that highlights racial justice.