Why IT Matters: What Solves the Hard Things with Lori Freeman

What Solves the Hard Technology Things for Nonprofits?

We are delighted to end the inaugural year of “Why it Matters” with a profound discussion with Lori Freeman from Salesforce.org about the cycle of trying to solve complex technology problems for nonprofit organizations.  This is our “one more thing” for Dreamforce 2020, and also a set up for asking what are the frameworks and issues that could be applied towards solving the hard things in 2021.

This is where we choose to make investments, the priority we set around the allocation of time and resources, and the motivation for change with technology and the impact economy.  What are the philanthropic, leadership, technology platform, and organizational responsibilities that need to shift in order for the journey to 2030 to be successful?

Enjoy a reflection on where there is an opportunistic and bountiful future where nonprofits can go in the new year.

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