Why IT Matters: A Revolution in Small Steps with Rubin Singh

“I’m a serial volunteer,” says our guest, Rubin Singh Founder and CEO of OneTenth Consulting.  This describes how many of us get involved in nonprofits, either as staff or businesses serving them and through this lens we talk about many things that cover how to both be an entrepreneur and supporter of equity in our work.  This includes how we consult with nonprofits, engage in digital transformation, and the participants in the room that inform technology adoption, creation, and change management.  Our conversation re-enforces themes from prior guests, Black in Tech with Derrell Booker, and Standing With Our Feet in Two Worlds with Amy Sample Ward that the path towards a culture change in IT begins with integrity and authenticity, and taking tangible, albeit slow steps that we only look backward on later and say have become a revolution.  We also touch on the importance of nonprofits to own their own data, and how data portability, and the efficiency at which the nonprofit ecosystem operates in aggregate, is the next destination for equity in tech.

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