Support Services


We were born for this work – most of us began our careers or have worked in the nonprofit sector. We care about the change social impact organizations are making in the world and want your technology platforms to accelerate that change, not hinder it. Let our certified experts give you peace of mind when it comes to managing your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 database so that you can focus on the good stuff. Our Scheduled Support service lets your team identify where they need the most help and puts our team of experts to work to make it happen. We meet weekly with your team for project updates and to prioritize what’s next. Between those weekly meetings, our team is also available to consult with your staff for any questions or testing sessions via email, Salesforce Chatter, or Zoom.


  • A great resource when you are in between admins or just getting started with your database system.
  • Technical support that communicates in your language – we speak nonprofit.
  • Sustainability-focused, creating documentation along the way so you are never lost again.
  • Easy and fast to submit requests using your own system.
  • Our connections in the social impact ecosystem bring distinct benefits to you – from vital relationships at foundations to extensive headquarters partnerships at major tech platforms.
  • Our trusted relationships afford you new avenues for capacity building, first-mover advantages in technology enhancements, and critical knowledge resources.

*Pay in advance for up to a 10% discount*