Why IT Matters: There’s Something Happening Here with Christina Herancourt

“Life shrinks or expands proportionate to your courage,” is the wisdom of our guest, Christina Herancourt, President and Co-Founder of Mission CRM on this episode of Why IT Matters: There’s Something Happening Here.  There are moments in our lives when we’re handed what could be perceived as setbacks, obstacles, competition, and fear, and we have the opportunity to turn them to our advantage, and the greater good.

Listen to a story of “dollars, cents, and common sense,” in Christina’s own words as we talk about her experience as a woman leader in technology, that of her business as it built (and re-built to be in alignment with the nonprofit common data model #NCDM) a widely-regarded and Microsoft-acquired application, and talk about what it means to be of true service to nonprofit organizations as businesses and platforms.  Here’s a hint: We can’t keep doing what we’ve always done.  And, in female entrepreneurship, it’s the tailwinds that lift you up that matter most.

This is a journey of grit, fortitude, and service, and a reminder that as businesses and people in order to meet the challenges of this decade, we must lead with a servant’s mind.  Also, for the first time in a Why IT Matters episode, both Tim and Tracy were choked up.

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