Why IT Matters: Black in Tech with Darrell Booker

A year ago today, the protests against the killing of George Floyd began in Minneapolis.  In recognition of the global dialogue of racial justice in the past year, we are offering a lengthy, candid, and at times explicit, discussion of what it means to be Black in the world of corporate IT in 2021.  Our guest, Darrell Booker, Program Manager for the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration for Black and African-American Communities (NTA) at Microsoft Philanthropies, whom we previously hosted on Why IT Matters: Where We Can Lean In More returns, representing his journey, frustrations, and hopes for changing how the world of corporate IT receives, supports and grows Black employees.

This conversation is profoundly complex and challenging and touches on the structural and personal aspects of racism and its direct impact on living one’s life.  As much as we strive to retain our authenticity in the workplace, this is an unpacking of how the very institutional structures that we seek to undo become how our authenticity and identity become eroded in the attempt.  Before we arrive with the desire to understand and solve problems, especially as white people, the first step is divesting our intent from the outcomes we want to see.

WARNING: Video contains explicit authentic language.

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