How the Common Data Model Takes Nonprofit Fundraising & Engagement to the Next Level

As a nonprofit leader, you have so much to keep abreast of. It’s easy to miss tech industry news and announcements, particularly if they don’t pertain to your existing CRM platform.

Well, we have some news you don’t want to miss.

Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft has just introduced Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 Sales. Now IT Matters is honored to be a Fundraising and Engagement launch partner and we couldn’t be happier to share this news with you.

Fundraising and Engagement, a Microsoft solution built with MISSION CRM, will help nonprofits modernize donor and constituent engagement to increase mission impact. It’s been available on GitHub since 10/13, but it’s brand new today at the Microsoft AppSource.

The Next Big Thing for Nonprofit CRM

You might be wondering, is this just another product announcement? No.

We contend this is the Next Big Thing for nonprofits. Why?

Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact team has been steadily at work building the Common Data Model. The Common Data Model embraces a vision of tech for nonprofits that extends beyond a brand or platform. The Common Data Model keeps other Microsoft software and solutions –such as Excel or Azure –integrated with Dynamics/Fundraising &Engagement. This creates an opportunity for organic technology tool growth, meeting nonprofit staff where they’re at and reducing barriers for entry.

In the video below, Now IT Matters’ Tim and Tracy talk the Next Big Thing for nonprofits and technology, what Now IT Matters offers with Digital GuidanceSM for helping nonprofits become stronger organizations, and how it all fits into the Common Data Model and new Fundraising and Engagement offering from Microsoft.  Take a listen over lunch as the former Cloud TnT duo break down what it means for nonprofits adopting platform technologies and how it changes the CRM game. Nonprofits now have even more choice when it comes to keeping their mission-critical data, CRM, and applications aligned.

If you’d like to chat with us about the Common Data Model or Fundraising and Engagement, let us know. We’d be glad to talk.