Saray Rosales

Engagement Consultant

Saray Rosales is an Engagement Consultant at Now it Matters. As a Consultant, she is able to help nonprofit organizations do more good for our communities by providing appropriate solutions to their business processes.

Before transitioning to the tech industry, Saray used to be a Marketing Manager, and she has worked with companies creating and promoting innovated programs that improve the well-being of our communities. She has experienced developing strong Marketing and Sales teams with excellent interpersonal skills that reach the company goals. Saray’s Salesforce journey started in 2018 when and she decided to join the PepUP Tech – 10 Weeks Salesforce Virtual Bootcamp. After the Bootcamp, she decided to pursue a career in the Tech Industry. Saray is originally from Panama, and now she lives in Westchester County, New York. Saray loves to spend her free time volunteering in nonprofit organizations that help immigrants, traveling, and dancing through life.