Digital Guidance℠

Digital Guidance℠ is offered to nonprofits and social impact organizations who have completed an Assessment and recognize their need for assistance with their CRM system roadmap. It is a year-long process that yields a set of best practices for effectively leveraging a CRM system within your organization lead by our team of experts.

Our process focuses on the factors that create long-term change management, strong user satisfaction, and widespread confidence that information can be trusted. In stark contrast to quick fixes, jump starts, quick starts, and easy solutions, Digital Guidance℠ is a year-long process because we know that lasting change takes time.

The first month is an orientation month where we perform light configuration in the CRM to monitor feedback and track changes. All remaining months have weekly tactical meetings and a monthly strategic meeting. These meetings develop the conversational structure needed for our team to guide your team through processes that address user feedback, data quality, and user adoption. Clients can expect:

  • Data will be getting incrementally better, not worse
  • Staff are invested in improving processes
  • Accountability for your team
  • Departmental stakeholders are engaged in strategic system decisions
  • Your internal team is taking ownership to drive change management
  • Progress is made on your CRM roadmap

If additional configuration or implementation is required in order to proceed, we can either oversee another partner to complete this work, or we can do it ourselves. But we don’t want the implementation to cloud the real objective of your team using a CRM system effectively. Additionally, if goals are not being met because of capacity or expertise, our team can provide Support to ensure goals are met.

If Digital Guidance℠ is what you’ve been looking for, let’s talk about what it would look like to get started.

Swords to Plowshares
We are grateful to the Now IT Matters team. With their guidance, we were able to better define our objectives and our team was empowered with the knowledge to effectively handle our work within the project. We would not have gotten to our improved state without their help.”