Our Assessment is an introductory service offered to nonprofits and social impact organizations looking to increase their impact by optimizing their CRM and integrated systems (online fundraising, donor management, ERP integrations, general ledger and accounting).

From the start nearly 10 years ago, it was designed to give nonprofit leaders with little experience in technology the information they need to make informed technology and platform decisions, delivered in a few weeks with predictable pricing. Our clients find a documented expert opinion does more than just inform leaders. Our Assessments have been used to raise funds through major donors and capacity grants, they have been used to shape strategic plans, hiring decisions, project timelines, RFP proposals, technical documents, and budgeting.

Perhaps most importantly for clients thinking about our other services, our assessment of their system gives them a counter-assessment of us and our services before making a long term partner decision.

Here’s how it works:

  1. GET ACQUAINTED You fill out the form below to get the ball rolling. We reach out to have an initial conversation by phone to decide if we can help you and if onsite or virtual makes the most sense. When all seems good we pencil in dates and complete paperwork.
  2. KICKOFF & PREGAME We get a list of stakeholders and send a pre-assessment survey, request access to your system(s), and schedule the kickoff and meetings. Our team reviews the survey and has an executive call to align expectations and identify key conversations which we add to a rough agenda and we collaborate on who should be included in which parts of the walkthrough.
  3. GAME TIME This is it! You’ve set aside time, we’ve set aside time, this is when we pull out our magic super-secret diagnostic tool, our ears. Our assessments are first and foremost about your experience, the good and the bad. We listen and observe as you dive into your systems. We will ask about your pain points, review answers from the survey, and look for established patterns in your operations and tools. Technology systems are a product of the teams that implemented and use them, so our assessments focus on the people, process, and technology. We have expertise in Salesforce and experience in Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry, Donor Perfect, Netsuite, Microsoft, and PeopleSoft. Having worked in so many systems we learn new systems quickly. Many of our projects have been migrations to Salesforce from other systems.
  4. ANALYSIS Our team sifts through the findings looking for patterns, developing high-level objectives, completing gap analysis, running internal diagnostic tools, and code review. We synthesize this by identifying wins by department/business unit with an eye for the few high-level changes that are most needed, as well as strategies for long-term success.
  5. REVIEW OF FINDINGS We present our findings which will include a review of business processes, current technical state, issues (business and technical), and a roadmap outlining a recommended course of action. If the recommended course of action is a service we provide, we will include an estimate of the initial step. We put all of this in a PDF and deliver it to you after incorporating feedback from our review of findings.

Onsite or Virtual – which should I choose?
We offer both onsite and virtual options for our Assessments. If one option doesn’t stand out, we would welcome a conversation to talk it through. These considerations may help you begin to think it through.

  • Onsite: An onsite assessment is more personal, increases engagement, and develops a stronger partnership. This option usually delivers higher value because we are able to see your team interacting with each other. Nonverbal communication, team dynamics, and personalities provide additional information that we pay attention to while performing assessments. If considering Digital Guidance℠, onsite is recommended.
  • Virtual: A virtual assessment may be more convenient because it’s easier to schedule and requires less time. This option is just as effective despite it’s seemingly lighter touch. If your primary goals are to establish a baseline for funding or deciding on a platform migration then a virtual assessment may be the most effective option.

Additional considerations

This is not discovery: Some clients confuse an assessment with Discovery, so we want to be clear that this is a high level organizational and technical assessment, but is not nearly detailed enough to be considered a discovery project.

If Digital Guidance℠ sounds right to you, is it an option to skip the Assessment and just get started with Digital Guidance℠?

There are a few reasons we don’t offer Digital Guidance℠ prior to an Assessment:

  1. This process ensures that Digital Guidance℠ is a good fit,
  2. the assessment helps to match you with the right team moving forward, and
  3. the Assessment prevents any wasted time getting up to speed in the first few months of Digital Guidance℠.
    Our Assessment gets you started on the right foot by learning what you don’t know, not everything, but enough to set a direction and determine the next steps. We are ready, are you? Fill out the form below, or call us and let’s get started!
Primary Care Progress – Short
After completing the assessment with Now IT Matters, it was very clear to us that they heard us and understood where we are now, what we need, and were able to make sense of the information we offered them.”