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    The Human Stack℠: The Tech Stack Isn’t Enough For Nonprofits

    Nonprofit technology problems often need a human solution I want to propose a critical thinking exercise like we used to do in high school, you know, where you read a paragraph and spot the issue. Here’s the section: When my friend started a new job, they gave him a car. Since he didn’t know how…

    April 08, 2022
    NeonOne: Understanding The Future Of Individual Giving Report Highlights

    Attention: Looking for insights into donor behavior and the future of donor trends? There’s no doubt that the pandemic has had a significant impact on how we all live our lives. And while the focus has rightly been on the health and safety of people around the world, it’s also essential to consider the effect…

    April 04, 2022
    Nonprofit Professionals: Talent, Technology, and Tradition

    The future of nonprofit organizations is Talent first, not technology. But talented nonprofit professionals will not stick around if organizational technologies are misaligned with their reality.  Staff and leaders of nonprofit organizations are often torn between two opposing forces – old ways versus new technology. The comments that keep coming up in my interviews reveal…

    March 10, 2022