Eight Signs Your Biz Is Tech Illiterate

Interesting article outlining 8 ways to determine if your business is tech illiterate or not. It’s by PC World, but I didn’t know that until I’d read it, so I guess we’ll look past it! :)

-Tim Lockie

“Do your clients point and laugh when you pull out your circa-2008 cellphone? Was your computer OS released before Obama came to office? It's time to pass the upgrade hat if your office exhibits any of the following symptoms of extreme technical illiteracy.”

  1. Everyone Has Their Own Printer
  2. You Still Own a Fax Machine
  3. You Think Tablets are Toys
  4. You and Your Employees Are Scared of New Tech
  5. You Still Haven't Embraced the Web
  6. Very Few People in Your Office Own a Smartphone
  7. You Still Have a CRT Monitor, Anywhere
  8. You Still Have Windows XP Installed "Because it Works"